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Afghanistan - Inter-Afghan closed academic seminar (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - December 13, 2012)

Q : Do you confirm reports that a meeting is due to be organized in the near future by France with respect to negotiations between Afghans? Who will participate in the meeting?

A : The Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS) will organize, in the next few weeks, a third inter-Afghan closed academic seminar. It will bring together participants from the various components of Afghan society for discussions on “Afghanistan – towards 2020.”

Like other seminars organized by the FRS in the past on this same theme, France supports this initiative in that it contributes to the dialogue between all components of Afghan society. In collaboration with the FRS, we were careful to ensure that the Afghan authorities were fully informed about the organization of this meeting.

This conference is not a negotiating forum but a framework for dialogue. Indeed, France believes that the Afghans are solely responsible for conducting the reconciliation process, with the support of the UN, following a mandate given by the Security Council. We strictly adhere to the principles defined by the Afghans, endorsed by the international community in Bonn on December 5, 2011, and by the Security Council in its resolution 2041: (1) the renunciation of violence, (2) the breaking off of ties with international terrorism (3) compliance with the Afghan constitution, notably with respect to women’s rights.



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