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  • Afghanistan – Presidential elections – Statement by Laurent Fabius (07.04.14)

    Despite the attempts at intimidation and acts of violence on occasion, a large number of voters went to the polls. France commends the courage and determination of the Afghan people who, in this way, signaled their determination to take control of their future and to see their country make progress on the path toward democracy and peace.

  • Afghanistan - Attack against journalists (04.04.14)

    France reaffirms its support for the journalists who work, with courage and determination, to promote the freedom of information in Afghanistan. It is mobilized, notably within the United Nations, to ensure that the safety of journalists is guaranteed everywhere.

  • Meeting between Laurent Fabius and his Afghan counterpart (04.09.13)

    Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, received september 4 his Afghan counterpart, Zalmay Rassoul. This meeting took place at a time when the transition process and in particular the preparations for the upcoming presidential elections – which are key to Afghanistan’s stability - are under way.

  • Afghanistan – Death penalty (22.11.12)

    France condemns the executions that took place in Afghanistan on 20 and 21 November. The executions came immediately after the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, by a large majority, of a resolution calling for the establishment of a global moratorium on the death penalty. This adoption confirms the global trend towards the abolition of this cruel and inhuman punishment.

  • Afghanistan – Attack (26.10.12)

    France expresses its profound shock following this barbaric act, which killed at least 42 people including 5 children, and extends its condolences to the Afghan people and to the families of the members of the Afghan security forces killed in this attack. It reaffirms its wholehearted solidarity with the Afghan authorities in the fight against violence.

  • Afghanistan – Suicide attack in Nangarhar Province (05.09.12)

    The frequency of suicide attacks against the Afghan civilian population reaffirms the need to fight against the scourge of terrorism. In this respect, France reaffirms its wholehearted solidarity with the Afghan authorities and its determination to remain engaged alongside them in order to work toward stabilizing Afghanistan.

  • Public execution of a woman in Afghanistan (11.07.12)

    France strongly condemns the public execution of a woman for adultery in Parwan province in Afghanistan. As the Afghan authorities have promised, full light must be shed on this crime, the perpetrators of which must be identified and brought to justice.

  • Afghanistan – Announcement of the 3rd phase of the transition (14.05.12)

    France congratulates President Karzai and the Afghan government on these decisions which build on the Afghan president’s visit in January when the treaty of friendship and cooperation between our two countries was signed. These decisions also reflect the progress observed on the ground through the concerted action of the ISAF forces and the Afghan security forces.

  • Qatar –Taliban representation (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - 05.01.12)

    The Afghan government and all components of Afghan society seeking a peace agreement have wanted, for a long time now, to have a clearly identified Taliban interlocutor. The opening of the Taliban office in Qatar, if it is confirmed, could respond to this expectation, and constitute a step forward in the political process that should result in free presidential elections in 2014. President Karzai has agreed to the negotiations which will lead to the creation of this office.



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