Promoting student mobility

Foreign student and researcher mobility : making France more attractive

The assets enabling France to attract researchers, professors, students and companies must be emphasized and developed in coordination with all the players concerned. French universities need to become more internationally competitive in order to attract the best foreign students, whose presence helps compensate for the relative scarcity of callings in scientific domains among French students, particularly at the doctoral level. Our country must also place positive emphasis on the recent changes and reforms in French universities, the measures facilitating foreign investment in France and the development of incentive programs encouraging exportation.

The Mobility and Attractiveness Policy Directorate of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) is based on the competitive clusters “model.” These clusters, which include research laboratories, universities and companies from a given region, were created in 2005 as part of regional town and country planning. From the outset, their goal was to encourage teamwork among players generally unaccustomed to this type of coordination. Similarly, combining these three sectors (business, research laboratories and universities) under a single administrative umbrella makes it possible to surpass increasingly porous borders and address the issues relating to international mobility with all of these influential French players.

Illust: Alliance française, 119.8 kb, 400x267
Alliance française in Vladivostok (Russia) © MAEE/F. de La Mure

Updated in December 2010