The EIFFEL program

The EIFFEL excellence scholarship program was first launched in 1999.

This program makes it possible to finance either a Master’s level course or a 10-month study abroad as part of joint thesis supervision arrangement. It aims to meet the following objectives :

  • To train, in French establishments of higher education, future foreign decision-makers in the public and private domains. The three priority fields of study are: science; economics and management ; law and political science.
  • To encourage applicants from emerging countries.

Since it was launched, the EIFFEL program has awarded scholarships of excellence to 4,163 Master’s students out of more than 13,000 applicants and to 365 doctoral students out of 1279 applicants. Current recipients include 400 Master’s students and 70 doctoral students.

Half of these students are from Asia and close to one-third are from Latin or Central America. In 2009, the largest contingents were from China and Brazil, followed by India, Russia and Vietnam.

This program is unanimously recognized as contributing to the attractiveness of France. It offers the best foreign students a French academic path of excellence and plays a particularly useful role in expanding the international scope of French higher education establishments.

Mr. Jujhar Singh Pharwaha
EIFFEL Class of 2008 - 25 years of age
École polytechnique/ENSEA - Paris
Networks and Telecommunications Engineer
Complex Industrial Systems Engineering
Nationality: Indian
Place of residency: Montrouge, France
Current position: Orange S.A.
Project Manager: Value-added services, Service Platform Division

"I started by looking into English-speaking countries only, like most of my friends. Then I turned to Europe, particularly Scandinavia, France and Germany. As an engineering student in India, I found out that certain French engineering schools admit students into the second year of their engineering programs and offer both French-language and technical courses. This unique opportunity to learn a language during my studies really appealed to me. After attending a presentation by ENSEA in Delhi, my father and I knew I would be properly received and that the school’s ranking and level in electronics were good. I applied to ENSEA, which presented my application to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an EIFFEL scholarship, which I was fortunate enough to receive. I now work as a project manager for Orange."

Updated in December 2010