Quai d’Orsay/Entreprises

The "Quai d’Orsay/Entreprises" program was created in 2006. It coordinates scholarship programs co-financed by companies and the MAEE, whether they are initiated and overseen by French embassies or by the central administration. The program was designed for implementation in all countries, and helps develop the attractiveness of France internationally by meeting four main objectives :

  • Support the action of French companies in favor of young foreign elites.
  • Support the international ambitions of French establishments of higher education.
  • Encourage the best foreign students in their desire to share knowledge and skills at the highest level.
  • Increase French means of action in the face of globalization.

Through the “Quai d’Orsay/Entreprises” program, France co-finances scholarships with French companies. The industrial and economic successes of these firms abroad, particularly in the field of cutting-edge technologies, assure them recognized credibility on the international scene. This public-private cooperation encourages and develops study in France by foreign students from the best establishments in their home countries.

To enable access under optimal conditions to a post-secondary education in a well-reputed French establishment of higher education with a direct link to the professional world, the “Quai d’Orsay/Entreprises” program offers partnership agreements to companies that make it possible to combine MAEE resources with funds from the private sector as well as renowned French universities and grandes écoles.

Six programs have been launched since 2006, in a spirit of high-level collaboration and skills sharing: THALES (2006); ORANGE, DCNS and ALTEN (2008); CREDIT AGRICOLE S.A. and AIR LIQUIDE (2010).

Since 2006, 201 students have been received in France, including 51 for the 2008/2009 school year, mainly originating from India, but also from China and Russia starting in 2007/2008, then Brazil in 2008/2009.

The MAEE :

  • Coordinates these partnerships.
  • Is involved abroad in informing the best students from local establishments about the full range of its scholarship programs.
  • Provides the expertise of its network of cultural and scientific cooperation.
  • Attributes French Government Scholarship Recipient status to the beneficiaries, which includes health insurance coverage and the attendant advantages (facilitation of the visa procedure, cultural activities, etc.)
  • Offers scholarship recipients intensive French language courses before their departure, held in Alliance Française centers in their home country.

Companies grant each student a scholarship, a mentor within the company and career planning support at the end of their coursework, possibly leading to a job offer.

Receiving foreign students - the future elite of their home countries - in our leading establishments of higher education is a major asset that the MAEE intends to sustain and intensify.

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Qian Sun (China)

Master’s degree in risk management from HEC Paris, with support from the Thales Academia program, co-financed by the Thales Group and the MAEE.

"I received a warm welcome when I arrived in France, not only from the French government (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs) but also the Thales Group. Thanks to my mentor, I was able to discover the fascinating world of Thales through various encounters and explore different professional opportunities to fit my profile.

I was particularly attracted to the international environment offered by Thales. The Group eventually offered me a position as a risk analyst, which is perfectly in line with my educational background"

Updated: 09.01.12