Excellence-Major grant programme

  • Category of initiative: Higher education grant programme
  • Type of initiative: 2nd chapter (launched in 2000) of the Excellence-Major grant programme
  • Level/Field: Higher education up to the level of Master’s (from Bac + 2 to Bac +5)/all disciplines, following completion of preparatory classes or a Bachelor’s degree, when continuing previous studies.
  • Target audience: Foreign students holding the French Baccalaureate and an AEFE Excellence grant (all countries)
  • Objectives: to provide continued funding of studies for the specific audience represented by students holding the French Baccalaureate with credit or distinction (mention “bien” or “très bien”), given that the AEFE grant (1st chapter of the programme) applies only to preparatory classes or undergraduate studies.
  • Characteristics of the scheme :
  • students in the final year of an AEFE grant apply for a Major grant (covering letter, projected studies, results attained on the present course); the application is forwarded to the MAEE by the CROUS and CNOUS.
  • a selection of the best candidates is made on the basis of applications considered by a commission of expert professors
  • the successful applicants receive funding as soon as the AEFE grant expires, in September of each year; grants are managed by the CNOUS. Funding: the Major grants are funded entirely from central credits provided by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Grant holders receive a monthly allowance at the standard rates applied to French government grant holders, depending on the level of studies and the type of establishment attended. Tuition fees are also covered.
  • Results : Since it was introduced, the programme has funded between 80 and 100 new Major grants a year.

AEFE post-Bac Excellence-Major grant scheme

The grants are intended for foreign students achieving the best Baccalaureate results at an overseas high school offering the French national curriculum, to enable them to continue high-level studies in the French higher education system.

The AEFE and MAEE commitment to the Excellence-Major grant scheme represents over six million euros a year, assisting some 800 students who will be supported over five years of study. Every year, a further 150 to 200 new grant beneficiaries are admitted to the scheme.

Encouraging student excellence

The grant is awarded on the basis of a selection of the best non-French students in Terminale (6th Form) classes around the world. The three categories by which applicants are ranked are: quality of academic results, a coherent educational plan and motivation to undertake a demanding higher education course in France.