"EIFFEL" Excellence grant programme

• The programme, launched in 1999, has been designed above all to provide assistance to French higher education establishments in relation to their international policy for recruiting the best foreign students, who receive offers from different countries.

• Applications may only be made by the French establishment that, at the start of the following academic year, will be registering on one of their courses the student(s) put forward for the grant. A selection committee, made up of experts, evaluates the applications on the basis of three criteria: the excellence of the student, the international policy of the establishment presenting him or her and the Ministry’s geographic priorities.In the class of 2002-2003, there were 341 grant aided students accepted, representing 26% of the candidates admitted.

• Grants are awarded for 2nd or 3rd cycle diploma courses in three fields: engineering sciences, economics- management, law-political sciences. The programme aims to educate the future decision makers in the public and private sectors of the country concerned.

• Any non French speaking candidates selected will receive language training beforehand, for a maximum of one year, during they will receive their Eiffel grant.

• Although open to all nationalities, the programme gives students from emerging countries clear priority, in particular Asia and Latin America, which are still under-represented in the foreign student population in France. The last class (2002-2003) were from Asia (60%), Latin America (22%), central and eastern European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States (10%), Near and Middle East 7%), other countries under 1%.

• After the first class of 150 grant aided students in 1999, the programme offers between 300 and 350 new grants every year, comprising an allowance of approximately 1,000 euros per month and various associated allowances. Within the framework of their international policies, higher education establishments are invited to offer the best possible conditions to these grant aided students.

• Interest in the programme has grown rapidly as the evidenced by the number of establishments presenting candidates, which, from 92 in January 1999, reached 245 in 2002-2003, and in the same period the number of applications received grew from 378 to 1,378.

For more information : www.campusfrance.org/en/eiffel