“Eiffel” Excellence Fellowships - 2008-2009 Session


In order to achieve greater clarity, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has decided to combine the two programmes, Eiffel and Eiffel Doctorat under a single call for tender.

The new Eiffel programme shall provide funding for:

  • training at the Master’s level
  • a ten-month mobility programme as part of a joint tutelage or joint thesis supervision programme (preferably during the 2nd or 3rd year of doctoral study).

The objectives of the Eiffel Excellence Programme run by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs are unchanged:

  • the first objective is to provide education, in French higher education establishments, for future foreign decision-makers in the public and private sectors, in three priority areas (the sciences, economics-management, law and political science).
    The programme is not intended for students wishing to pursue a career in education or research, as they benefit from other programmes.
  • the second objective is to encourage applications from students from emerging countries, with priority given to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the European Union’s new Member States and, at the doctoral level, industrialised countries.

The Eiffel Programme is a tool offered to French establishments as they look to attract the best foreign students. Applications are put forth solely by the French establishments. The establishments proposing students must commit to enrol them in the educational programme requested if they are chosen for an Eiffel Fellowship.

The French higher education establishments draw up a short-list, based on the best foreign students they wish to take in for training, of those they wish to put forth for an Eiffel Fellowship. The establishments fill out an application, complying with the instructions and recommendations addressed to them by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. They must ensure that the applicants match the objectives of the programme. A selection committee, composed of experts, reviews the applications on the basis of three criteria: student excellence, the international policy of the sponsoring establishment and the Ministry’s geographical priorities.

At the Master’s Level: the Eiffel fellowship (amounting to €1,181 monthly) is granted for the time required to earn the diploma in which the selected degree programme culminates, provided that the student has fulfilled the academic requirements of each year of the programme.

Pre-training in French is offered for a maximum duration of one year, and may be funded for non-French speaking students at the request of the French host establishment; during this time, the student will receive Eiffel scholarship disbursals.

The total duration of the training programme (including the mandatory internship in France or abroad) must be clearly listed by the establishment in the application.

At the Doctoral Level: the Eiffel fellowship (amounting to €1,400 monthly) is granted for a maximum duration of ten months. No language training is offered.

In addition to the monthly subsidy, direct funding shall be provided for travel, medical coverage and cultural activities. The fellows may also receive the complementary housing subsidy.

In 2007:

  • in the Eiffel Programme, 163 establishments submitted applications and 84 of them had at least 1 student admitted. Out of the 1,312 applications deemed acceptable, 363 were actually selected, making for an acceptance rate of 27.5%. Since 1999, the date at which the programme started, 3,368 students were selected on quality criteria out of the 9,300 applications submitted.
  • in the Eiffel-Doctorate Programme, the third year of the programme saw 70 applicants accepted out of the 243 applications received and 237 applications considered. 82 higher learning establishments submitted applications and 37 of them had at least 1 student admitted.

Last update: 05/22/08