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Support the training courses of French establishments abroad

French universities and schools develop their activities abroad either by offering joint degree or dual degree programs - particularly in European countries - or by “exporting” certain curriculums abroad, such as École centrale in Beijing and University of Paris IV in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, certain universities are created abroad with support from the MAEE, such as the Hanoi University of Science and Technology project, the French University in Egypt and the Franco-Armenian University. In general, the MAEE strives to develop university exchange programs with emerging countries from all five continents.

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Lastly, special attention is given to research in social and human sciences and to archeology through 27 French Research Institutes Abroad (IFRE) and 160-some archeological missions supported by France throughout the world. These institutes and missions provide opportunities to showcase French know-how and expertise.

The MAEE’s action in social and human sciences

In the area of social and human sciences, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs acts directly by implementing several instruments, including :
- A network of 27 French Research Institutes Abroad (IFRE), present in 35 countries and encompassing close to 250 researchers, including around 100 foreign, permanent or associate researchers.
- 160 French archeological missions abroad (in 2010), which largely contribute to the mobility and attractiveness of France.
- The promotion of French research excellence, with many projects financed by the French National Research Agency (on average, close to 10% of establishments’ earnings in 2010) and publications in accordance with the highest standards.
- French training courses available abroad.
- Development of partnerships between French research institutes abroad and national or regional academic institutions (180 active in 2010).
- Support in favor of French and foreign researcher mobility through hosting programs and high-level scholarships.
- Through its contribution to the bilateral political dialogue, its research topics adapted to regional contexts, its expertise, participation in debates and diplomatic analysis, the network of research institutes abroad helps France provide solutions to global and development-related issues.

Updated in December 2010