Aiming for excellence in scholarship policy

The scholarships granted by the MAEE to foreign students naturally contribute to the attractiveness of France. In 2009, the MAEE allocated a budget of €86million to finance these scholarships.

It aims to increase the number of partners involved by encouraging companies and territorial communities to participate in efforts to train foreign students, some of whom receive direct financial aid from their government. 80% of these allocations are financed via the budget of French embassies abroad, which determine the allocation criteria in conjunction with local authorities.

Through the Eiffel Program, the MAEE also grants scholarships to fulfill geographic (emerging Asian and Latin American countries) and thematic priorities (law and political science, economics and management, fundamental science and engineering science).

In addition, each year the Major Excellence Scholarship Program helps the best foreign students in French high schools abroad pursue high-level studies in the French system of higher education.

Illust: The Cité internationa, 143.3 kb, 400x266
The Cité internationale universitaire in Paris offers a warm welcome and accommodations to foreign students © MAEE/F. de La Mure

Updated in December 2010