Results of the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting (Brussels, March 17, 2014)

Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels. The discussions mainly focused on Ukraine and the Central African Republic:

  • Ukraine: The European foreign affairs ministers condemned the holding of the illegal “referendum” in Crimea, the results of which they do not recognize. The member states have banned individuals whose actions compromise the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine from entering their territory, and have frozen their assets. They have also expressed their support for the deployment of an OSCE monitoring mission to Ukraine. Lastly, the EU reaffirmed its intention to sign on March 21 the political chapters of the association agreement with Ukraine.
  • Central African Republic: Laurent Fabius called on the member states to speed up their commitment in order to allow the swift implementation of operation EUFOR RCA, in accordance with the EU’s commitments and the appeal launched by the UN secretary-general. The Council also pledged to support the transitional authorities, notably in order to help them re-establish security and interfaith dialogue and prepare for the forthcoming elections.